Automarket Malaysia Survey Data

For the full article on the Malaysian automotive market and further details, click here.

The project I carried out during the 2nd – 3rd July 2011 has now somewhat become a hobby. I will continue to carry out the project as far as my time permits. Results from the surveys will be shared here. The leaderboards below will be updated every few days at least. Check back every once in a while to keep track of the progress.

  • Previous revision : 28th November 2012
  • Current revision : 6th December 2012

Primary Leaderboard

Rank Country Cars surveyed
Position Popularity Total  Change compared to prev. data
 steady 1  Very High   Malaysia  5,787  increase 1,198
 steady 2  Very High   Japan  4,393  increase 809
 steady 3  Medium   Germany  1,081  increase 279
 steady 4  Medium   South Korea  849  increase 139
 steady 5  Low   France  150  increase 38
 steady 6  Low   United States  140  increase 32
 steady 7  Low   Sweden  99  increase 26
 steady 8  Low   United Kingdom  41  increase 12
 steady 9  Low   China  27  increase 7
 steady 10  Low   Italy  20  increase 5
 increase 11  Very Low   Czech Republic  4  increase 3
 decrease 12  Very Low   India  2  steady

Secondary Leaderboard

Position                     Country Total surveyed Change compared to previous data
 steady 1   Malaysia  12,593  increase 2,548
 steady 2   Singapore  11  increase 3
 steady 3   Thailand  1  steady

Featured Locations

                   City/ Suburb                      State  Total surveyed
 Subang Jaya  Flag of Selangor Selangor  3,052
 Bangsar  Flag of Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur  2,408

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