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 My Views On the United States of America

 My Views On South Korea

 My Views On China

 My Views On Russia

 My Views On Japan

 My Views On the United Kingdom

 My Views On Brunei

 My Views On Vietnam

 My Views On Bhutan

 My Views On Singapore



Proton Overseas

Perodua Overseas

7 All Time Best Looking Modern Sedans

Malaysia in Video Games


Proton International Sales

The Malaysian Automotive Market

The Malaysian Automotive Market (Survey)

Is War Really Right ? (Poem)

Immigration, Yay or Nay ?

UniFi Review

The ultimate South East Asia to Europe cable ?

The Kuala Lumpur number plate after WYY 9999 ?


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    • Ahh, good question! Thanks for asking. ”My Views On Malaysia” was actually my first article, but I posted it on my old blog/ website, which I deleted a few years back. Maybe, if possible, I will re-do it for this blog/ website in due time.

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