The Kuala Lumpur number plate after WYY 9999 ?

It is no secret that the Malaysian automotive market is among the most active in the region. It is estimated that 4 in 10 Malaysians own a car, and the total number of vehicles registered has exceeded 22 million as of 2011.

Now of course, as with every other country in the world, Malaysia has it’s own vehicle registration system, headed by the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan, better known as JPJ to the locals. Of the 13 states and 3 federal territories in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur leads by a massive margin, with an average of 1,100 new registrations daily, with Johore and Selangor coming in second and third place with around 500 and 300 new daily registrations respectively.

Anyway, I’m only going to focus on Kuala Lumpur’s number plates for this article, hence the title. The Malaysian number plate system is fairly primitive and straight forward, owing much to the former British system implemented during the colonial era. A modern example of a Kuala Lumpur number plate would be WRS 8888. To those of you who still don’t know, cars registered in Kuala Lumpur get a W letter as the state prefix. The following two letters after the W will vary with each cycle. The four numbers after the letters can go up to a maximum of 9999. To complete one cycle, 9999 cars must be registered under the third letter. To put things into better perspective; WRS 8888, WRS 8889, WRS 8890 …. WRS 9998, WRS 9999, WRT 1, WRT 2, WRT 3 … Furthermore, certain letters are not used in the registration system, such as I, Z and O to avoid confusion between the letters and numbers. If you found my explanation poor or inadequate, you may refer here for a more holistic one.

Now that you understand how the Kuala Lumpur plates work, we can proceed to our discussion. The Kuala Lumpur plates currently stand at WXJ 6049 as of writing. It is expected to reach WYY 9999 in or around April 2013 – which isn’t that far off really. The system logic cannot progress beyond WYY 9999 without some form of modification, and that, is what this article is all about. As of writing, the JPJ has made no announcement on the future KL number plates.  This leaves the topic wide open to creativity and debate.

I have a few propositions for the future Kuala Lumpur plates, with illustrations and explanations to go along with them ;

Proposal 1

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

Proposal 4

These are just a few examples I came up with. There are an infinite number of possibilities. If you love number plates as much as I do, you too are probably hoping that the JPJ would decide on something a little more creative for the future KL plates. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess… but in the meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave them in a comment down below. You’ll never know… the JPJ might just get the inspiration from your idea. :]



19 responses to “The Kuala Lumpur number plate after WYY 9999 ?

  1. this method is proven to last long. but it will require a restructuring in jpj’s registry.

    13 WAA 999 : the first two digits stand for the year of registration, W stands for the origin (W as in ‘Wilayah Persekutuan’), AA stands for the alphabetical rotation which we all are familiar with, and the last three digits is serial number of the vehicle.

    Another way is doing what is practiced in UK, with the digits in front. check this out.,_Crown_dependencies_and_overseas_territories#Current_system

    • I also prefered that method… Better WA213 ABC… WA-WF series registered on 1 Jan – 31 Mar. WG-WL on 1 Apr – 30 Jun, WM-WS registered in 1 Jul- 30 Sep, WT-WY registered on 1 Oct – 31 Dec… 213 denotes year 2013… if car were made in June 1996, Nov 2002 it must bear WK196 ABC, WV202 ABC… ABC is a free to choose random letter… it is acceptable and easy to use Britain Style…

      Following Ireland format also OK since Sarawak also carried numbers on munber plate such as 6DA 1234 Q… e.g… 213 WA 1234… 213 denote year 2013… WA is as mentioned above… 1234 is a random number… For me, It is also acceptable and easy to use Ireland style… For example car made year July 2002, it must bear 202 WN 4143… Car made in February 1998, it must bear 198 WC 9297…

      Age identifier on Britain method is LA13 ABC (13 denote Mar 2013 – Sep 2013, 63 denote Oct 2013 – Feb 2014) , Ireland also using age identifier 131-D-12345 (131 denote Jan 2013 – Jun 2013, 132 denote Jul 2013 – Dec 2013)… Only Northern Ireland using same format as Malaysia which is BDZ 7459…

      It’s okay to change format since Sabah and Sarawak have old weird format… Sabah initially J 1234 S > EJ 1234 > SAB 1234 N… Sarawak is strange enough, initially 1D 1234 Q > KF 1234 Q > QAE 1234 > QAA 1234 F…. Why not KL to create WA213 ABC…

      Reversing from WAA 1234 to 1234 WAA is common practice in UK after the series exhausted… For me, 1234 WAA is also ok and acceptable but high possibility WAA 1234 A since SAB 1234 N, KV 1234 D and Kuching QAA 1234 F… I also heard using of new letters such as X and V… That’s not possible because X is Singapore heavy lorries number plates and V is used by Langkawi (KV)…

  2. New Wilayah number plate will become WAA 1234A. Whole Sabah adopts SAB 2396M, Langkawi KV 2652D and recently Kuching QAA 749E… I believe KL will use this format… No way KL change new format since Sabah, Langkawi and Kuching adopted this format… WAAA 1234 is impossible…

    • Hi Zharfan,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. WAA 1234 A is very likely, for reasons you’ve mentioned. The Sabah and Sarawak plates are very confusing though, I tried to figure them out but I’m having difficulty understanding the algorithm. Anyway, we shall see what happens, currently we are at WXY.

      • Yeah, Sabah and Sarawak number plate are confusing due to old format of Sabah (EJA 1234) and Sarawak (KF 1234 Q and 6DA 1234 Q) still legal to use… The hottest number plate in Malaysia will be BMW (Maybe end 2013 and early 2014) from Selangor which attracts and craze both BMW cars and BMW motorcycles owners whole Malaysia… I believe BMW 1 will be owned by Sultan Johor to put on Sultan Johor’s BMW cars or BMW motorcycles…

      • I never knew Sarawak had KF 1234 Q and 6DA 1234 Q number plates ! Always good to know, thanks for the info Zharfan. I’m also looking forward to the BMW number plate for Selangor. BMW 1, BMW 3, BMW 5 and BMW 7 are surely going to break records, no doubt.

  3. The famous and most expensive number plate in history will be BMW 1… It will make craze and rage for BMW cars and BMW bikes owners whole Malaysia… BMW 1 will be owned by Sultan Johor… Selangor currently BMA 2161…

    • W 1234 A may not be used due to traders plate format… Beginning of KL number plate is WA rather than W (Historically W denotes Seberang Perai, Province Wellesley). Kuching starts QAA 1234 A from QAY 9999 rather than QA 1234 A…

    • Maybe not… Why wasting new format since Sabah (SAB 1234 M), Langkawi (KV 1234 D) and Kuching (QAA 1234 E) adopted this format…

  4. I think the best new plates are WAA 1234 A following with WAB 1234 A. The sequent to follow till WYY 1234 A follow by WAA 1234 B.

    • I don’t think so… Since Sabah (SAB 1234 M), Langkawi (KV 1234 D) and Kuching (QAA 1234 E) are using this format… WYY 9999 to WAA 1234 A… WAA 9999 Y will become WAB 1234 A…

  5. I suggest put as wilayah persekutuan at front and the area at real like example:
    WP A1234 KL is for wilayah K.L, WP A1234 PT is for wilayah Putra Jaya,
    after WP Y9999 KL will be WP AA1234 KL. future for Penang will be PP (puala pinang) and real PG (penang) example: PP A1234 PG, seberang prai will be
    PP A1234 SP.

  6. I think government and ministries cars also must use their own number plate to avoid fastness of Wilayah plates… I think G plate is used for government cars in Peninsular because Sabah and Sarawak have government plates such as SG 1234 A and QSG 1234… For example… GA 1234 is government of Perak, GB 1234 is for Selangor Government, GX 1234 is for police, GF 1234 for fire brigades, GH for public hospital ambulances, GW 1234 for federal government and ministries… If Military can be reserved Z, why not G for government and ministries cars… Such that plate only bears road tax “Kerajaan Malaysia”…

    Singapore government and ministries cars bears Q number plates… QX is police number plate in Singapore…

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  8. I think the number plate will like sabah example SAA 4561 W so kl also like WAA 3675 B so that impossible the plate will change to a new one

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