7 All Time Best Looking Modern Sedans

A typical modern sedan

The sedan, or saloon configuration is one of the most popular of all car shapes and designs. Long story short, the sedan is a typical three- box configuration, usually sporting four doors and two rows of seats in the passenger compartment. The clip art on the left illustrates the standard modern sedan most of us are accustomed to.

I thought of trying something new for today’s article, after striking gold with my previous experiment, which had involved automobiles as well. As the title implies, this article describes seven of the worlds best looking modern sedans of all time.

My definition of a modern sedan is one that came out in or after 1990. I hand- picked all seven sedans for their external looks, and external looks ONLY, based on my personal opinion with little to no consideration for other factors such as cost of ownership, functionality, value for money, availability, safety standards, fuel efficiency, etc..

Anyway, enough talk. You might wanna put on some sunglasses and get a cup of ice cold soda ’cause things are gonna heat up in a sec ! Go ahead, feast your eyes on these seven beautiful sedans !

DISCLAIMER : The following seven sedans were chosen based on opinion, and are subject to debate. There is no definitive list of the best looking sedans. All models, specifications and statements are valid up ’till the time of writing only (subject to change with the passing of time)Please keep this in mind. 

DISCLAIMER # 2 : I take absolutely no credit for the photos below. All photos are for illustrative purposes only. 

7 – Ford Mondeo Mk. IV

We start off with the Ford Mondeo Mk. IV. Now, unless if you’ve been living under a rock or on Mars for the last decade, you too would have noticed that Ford has made a massive comeback in the ” style ” department. Ford’s new Kinetic Design language is a big step in the right direction when compared to the former New Edge. The Fiesta Mk. VI is one fine example of their new-found philosophy, and the Mondeo Mk. IV is another. I never thought Ford had it in them, but hey, I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here on out.

The tail lights are one of the defining features of the car.

The Mondeo has ” classy ” written all over it.

The rims are especially hot.

6 – Jaguar XF

The sexy Jaguar XF places 6th on our list. The specific model in question is the 2011/ 2012 face-lifted Jaguar XF. The update included a much needed revision to the headlights, based on the Jaguar C-XF concept. The face-lift added a higher degree of masculinity to the already sleek and elegant XF. Furthermore, the XF in general has been praised as Jaguar’s comeback kid ( or shall I say, comeback chick ) after the failures preceding the company’s takeover by Tata in 2008.  The XF is definitely not your old man’s Jaguar, that’s for sure.

The sleek curves on the XF are not only good looking, but make for superior aerodynamics too.

The XF destroys her predecessor in terms of, well, everything.

Jaguars have always been classy, but the XF took it to an all- time high.

5 – Hyundai Elantra (MD)

Well well well, what do we have here ? A Hyundai ? Really ? You’re probably guessing that I’ve just about gone nuts right now. Truth be told, the new Hyundai Elantra (MD) is something else. She is no more the boring, average budget car that her predecessors were. There is a very good reason why she won the 2012 North American Car of the Year award too. Clearly, Hyundai, or to be more specific, the Elantra has certainly come a long way from her humble beginnings . Double thumbs up to Hyundai on that.

Hyundai’s new ”fluidic sculpture” design language is a quantum leap from everything past.

The Elantra may be a compact sedan, but she is much, much bigger than she looks. Trust me.

The new Elantra blends extrovert Asian design with introvert European class.

4 – Lexus IS (XE20) F-Sport

We simply cannot have a list like this without mentioning the word Lexus. The IS Series of sports sedans best represent the perfectionist attitude of the folk at Lexus, in my honest opinion. While others may perceive the brand as a Japanese equivalent to the executive, albeit passive professionals Mercedes- Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, I will have to say otherwise. The Lexus IS (XE20) with the F- Sport add on package will put just about every other executive sedan to shame. She can be classy or kinky, it’s your call.

The IS F- Sport makes for a near perfect blend of the best of both worlds.

The IS F- Sport looks good no matter the angle from which you ogle at her utter sexiness.

You don’t even wanna know just how many awards she has won thus far.

3 – Alfa Romeo 159 (Type 939)

When it comes to good looks, few can doubt the sheer magnitude of gorgeous cars from Italia. Unfortunately though, the majority of them are in the ” SUPERcar ” category, and the reality is that the average Italian ” PEOPLEcar ” is still behind her German and Japanese rivals in most categories. Fortunately, the Alfa Romeo 159 is here to save the day, with her tough chick demeanour; the 159 in a nutshell is well, Lara Croft… except she’s Italian and is yours for RM195,888.00. What can I say… oh wait, bellissimo !

She’s Italian, what did you expect ?

She got it (the grille) from her mama. No really.

This is the 159 Ti. More meat to play with.

She has more to herself than meets the eye.

Blood red. That’s the colour of your cheeks when you experience her in her element.

2 – Honda Civic Gen. 5

The fifth generation Honda Civic is like that innocent, mysterious librarian girl with glasses you may, or may not know at college … she loves her job, she loves her books, and she’s really nice to you. To many, she’s just another boring girl … but you know that isn’t true.

Most of you will have trouble relating to this, so I’m gonna have to get to the point; the Honda Civic is your average sedan with un-average looks. Now before you send me hate mail, you should accept the fact that the late 1980s and early 1990s were very different from 21st century today. Back then, Japanese cars were not particularly good- looking or special, for that title respectfully belonged to the Germans. Most Japanese cars were meant to be feasible, practical and functional people carriers. There were exceptions of course, and one such exception was the Civic. Never before has a Japanese car looked so European, and yet so typically Japanese at the same time. Honda brought style and beauty to the budget car, something unheard of at that time. It is basically the same as what Hyundai- Kia is doing right now with their new design language.

Her glory days have long gone, but the fifth gen Civic will always remain special and unique, just like that librarian chick at college. You will always smile whenever you think of her, long after you’ve gotten married yourself (bought another car). That, my friend is exactly why the fifth generation Honda Civic placed second on our list.

Those tail-lights are simple, but they’re especially good-looking too.

The Honda Civic Gen. 5 has many dedicated fans, even up ’till today.

1 – BMW 5 Series (E39) M- Sport

Annndddd the numero uno sexiest sedan is …. wait for it …. the BMW 5 Series ! ; The E39 that is, not her bastardized successor, mind.  Now, before I move on, I’m going to preemptively answer your question; Why not the E39 M5 instead ? Well firstly, few could afford a fine piece of engineering art like a M5, and BMW knew that. Fortunately, those fine blokes threw us a bone in the form of  the M- Sport package. Frankly speaking, the M- Sport add- on basically turned an ordinary 5 Series into a poor- man’s M5. Now every 5 Series owner had the good- looks of the M5, with the feasibility of a regular 5 Series.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing really.

Honestly, the above justification isn’t exactly fair, and I would have given the top- spot to the E39 M5 anyway, but there was this little detail which really made all the difference; The M5’s frontal bumper lacked the strip of metal present on the E39 5 Series M- Sport, truly the straw which had broken the camel’s back in this case. Plus, I had a hell of a time choosing between the best of BMW’s works of art. It’s not my fault that BMWs are sexy you know.

That just goes to show how much BMW deserves our top- spot. Better luck next time, Mercedes.

The E39 5 Series came out in 1997. She has truly aged gracefully after 15 years.

That double- kidney grille is nothing short of legendary.

E39 + Autobahn = Heaven ?

Be warned, the E39 has a 92.63% chance of seducing your wallet/ credit card at first glance.

Those Angel Eyes are truly divine.

So there you have it. Our seven all time best looking modern sedans. I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I did composing it. Now before you carry on to Facebook or Twitter, please please please feel free to leave a comment or two below. I’m sure each and every one one of you has a favourite sedan and I would be quite delighted to hear about them. That is all, run along now… best not to stare at these beauties for too long or you’ll compromise your wallet again.

I’m serious.


One response to “7 All Time Best Looking Modern Sedans

  1. I have a 5th gen Civic and i was wandering if it is the best looking Civic ever made. I did a google search out of curiosity and here i am! I agree with your reasoning, that this gen brought beauty to the budget cars. Other sedans i like in random order are: BMW 3 E36(1990-2000), Toyota Carina E (Corona in some markets), Toyota Avensis 1st gen, Alfa Romeo 156, Mitsubishi Lancer 2007-, Mazda 6 both gens, Subaru Imprezas (not the bug eyed) and others. As you can see i like the Japanese school, but not their recent work. Most of them now look like Pokemon to me. Exception perhaps the new Avensis. Thank you.

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