My Views On – The Russian Federation

The Russian Federation, former member of the Soviet Union and simply known just as Russia is the biggest country in the world. All the way from Eastern Europe to the Far East, no other country manages to span such a wide strech of land. Russia is so big that it has nine time zones!

Today’s Russia is nothing like what it was a few decades ago. Russia has revolutionized itself into a new federal republic, bringing with it much advancement and change in the past decade. Most of Russia is cold and snowy. Despite being the largest country in the world, only 142 million people live here. Russia is beautiful and rich in history. There is simply more to Russia than meets the eye.

Everyone say privet to the Russian Federation! : ]

NOTE : Just like my previous articles, I have listed down 3 things that I like about this country and elaborated on them. Enjoy.

WARNING : This article has references to the Soviet Union and may be disturbing or inappropriate to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.


I dont know about you, but personally, I think the Russian language is one of the coolest in town! Everything from the alphabet to the accent. If I were given the chance and time, I would definitely learn some basic Russian. Its not all that hard to learn really, compared to Chinese and Japanese. Russian is the official language of 4 countries; Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and of course, Russia itself. Over 278 million people speak Russian all over the world.

Personally, I think Russian is cool because of the way its spoken. It is a unique language. Unlike  English and many other European languages, Russian has its very own unique alphabet. I dont understand much Russian, but if someone were to teach me some Russian I would probably try my best to pick up a few lines and words. Its a difficult language to learn alone because of the unique alphabet. The same can be applied to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic etc. Languages like Spanish, French, German, English etc. all share a common alphabet, making it far less challenging to learn the basics of the other languages assuming you can already speak one of those aforementioned languages. This is why many Western Europeans seem to know a little of every language in Europe.

Not to forget, the Russian accent is my all time most favourite. I dont know whether Russian is considered a romance language or something but I know I have a thing for the Russian accent! It sounds brash and edgy to me, which is why I like it very much. I am a fan of any and every Russian who can speak English with a deep Russian accent. The Russian accent is awesome : ]


Russia is famous for everything military. From the Spetsnaz to the AK-47, Russia ( and to an extension the Soviet Union ) has done them all. The biggest reason why Russia is a major player in the military hardware sector is because of what happened in the past. Okay, time for a quick history lesson. Bear with me people.

If you did not already know, Russia was part of the Soviet Union, along with most of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Soviet Union was influenced by Karl Marx’s communist ideology. On the other side of the pond, the United States and its allies strongly believed in democracy. Because of this, the world was split into 3 different categories; the First World ( United States and its allies ), the Second World ( Soviet Union and its allies ) and the Third World ( neutral countries ). The Soviet Union and the United States did not like each other because of their ideological differences. Hence, the Cold War sparked out shortly after World War II. During the Cold War, both the US and Soviets greatly developed their military in case conflict were to break out. Fortunately, no such conflict happened. Eventually, the Soviet Union could no longer sustain itself after immense pressure from both sides. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1991, the whole world celebrated and welcomed the former Soviet states with open arms. Russia was one of them. Since then, Russia has come a long way from its dark past.

So there you have it, now you know why Russia has some of the best weapons and soldiers around. Now, I will discuss my most favourite of their weapons and hardware.

Firstly, lets talk about Russian aircraft. Russia has developed some of the best planes know to man. Many are relics from the Soviet era and are no longer in service. I recall a quote which goes ” Technology develops fastest during war ”; well, that is exactly what happened here. The MiG- 15 was the beginning of it all. It was, for its time, one of the best fighters in service, on par with the American F- 86 Sabre and far ahead of most other fighter jets in the world.

Today, Russia has numerous world class aircraft. My most favourite of these has to be the Sukhoi Su- 27 family and the Mikoyan MiG- 29. Russia makes cheap and reliable aircraft. America on the other hand, makes expensive but technologically superior aircraft like the advanced Lockheed Martin F- 22 stealth fighter. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Russia sells many of their planes to other countries and has very strong ties with the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of India, whom receive a constant supply of Russian aircraft year after year. Just like how Germany makes great cars for the world, Russia does the same with military aircraft. The Russian planes and helicopters bring much pride and fame to their homeland.

I like Russian planes for several reasons. The biggest one has to be because of their stylish yet functional designs. Most Russian fighter jets are sleek with enough curves to make even the most beautiful models stare in awe. Clearly, Russia places functionality above everything else when it comes to their aircraft; they have big engines and even bigger wings. Everything is there for a reason.

Moving on to guns. Now, just about everyone has heard of the infamous AK- 47. Whether’s its from the movies, news, games or even real life experience, many of us are familiar with this incredible rifle. There are more AK-47s in the world than all the other rifles in the world combined, thats just how widespread this thing is.  It is so famous that it has even been featured in several flags from all over Africa and the Middle East! The AK- 47 is almost synonymous with the bad guy; for some reason, your foe always has an AK-47. For example, Al- Qaeda’s favourite rifle is the AK- 47 and most terrorists and rouge nations choose to use the AK- 47 instead of other, more modern rifles. There is a very reasonable explanation to this; the rifle is cheap and widely available.  Its also incredibly durable, only needing very basic maintenance to function. The AK- 47 has developed this unfortunate image of evil and terror. But if you can see through all of this, you will realize that the AK- 47 is a brilliant rifle, definitely one worthy of praise. There are a ton of other famous Russian guns but the AK- 47 has to be the most distinguished of them all.

I like the AK- 47 mostly because of its ability to inflict massive damage and pain to the enemy. The 7.62 x 39 mm bullets used for the AK- 47 are far more hard- hitting than the ones in most modern rifles in the world today like the M4 and FAMAS ( 5.56 x 45 mm ) assault rifles. The bullets are designed to shred the target on entry and exit, adding further insult to injury. The AK- 47 is a display of raw firepower and brute strength. Its an awesome rifle and it is here to stay for the forseeable future.

NOTE : I would like to make myself clear that I DO NOT support or condone the idea of war and conflict. I am an anti- war person. This is purely a matter of like or dislike. I like both American and Russian military hardware. I thought it would be fitting to include this in the article today. Please do not take my opinions too seriously. Theyre only opinions after all. Im sure everyone has their favourite plane or gun.


Russia is beautiful. From high mountain ranges to wide open grasslands, few countries in the world have such beautiful natural environments as Russia. Most of all, I just love how much snow and ice can be found here. As of today, I still have not experienced snow in reality. Living in sunny and rainy Malaysia, the closest snowy country is several thousand miles away. Whenever I think of snow, one of the first countries that come to my mind is Russia. Its always cool and snowy in Russia, being just a few hundred miles away from the North Pole.

One day, I will go to Novosibirsk and bathe in the snow just for the fun of it. I dont care if I get a bad case of frostbite or freeze my eyeballs in the process, I just want to know how it feels…

My most favourite of the Russian wonders is the Altai Mountains. A mountain range in Central Asia, the Altai Mountains serve as the natural borders between Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. Its not all that far away from the Himalayas either. I can assure you that it is a mind blowing sight to behold. I wonder how it would feel to set foot on the top of the Belukha…

Well, I dont really have much to talk about Russia’s natural spectacles, but I suppose a picture could say a thousand words. Lets gorge into these beautiful photos, shall we?





That is all for this week. I apologize for being late this time. I really hope you enjoyed reading this article. What country would you like me to do next? Please send me some feedback and suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for reading and I will return with a new country as soon as possible. Uvidimsya !

Credits : Google, Wikipedia, various sources


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