My Views On – The United States of America

Ahh, good ol’ Uncle Sam… few can match his might and power. Even fewer can match his widespread influence. He’s the most famous kid in town. Just about everyone has heard of him, doesnt matter if they’re across the border, beyond the ocean, or even on other planets. Uncle Sam is a testament to just how much the human race has achieved in just a couple of centuries. Say hello everyone to Uncle Sam, The United States of America !



Today, I will be talking about a couple of things I like about the U.S.A. If you have read my previous blog articles last year, you will notice that the format has been virtually unchanged. Previously, I have done several other countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore and India. I had also done Japan, but sadly, was unable to publish it. Now, I have brought back all those well- loved elements, and I’ve also throw in a couple of surprises too for added spice and flavour. So sit back, get something to eat or drink, put on some relaxing music and enjoy the article !


America Innovates

The U.S.A, or simply just America is one of those countries which truly contributes to the development of our modern human civilization. This is something I really, really like about America. Unlike most other countries, America helps move us. Lets take for example, space exploration.



America has seeded the growth of space exploration. As you may already know, man first set foot on the Moon in 1969. Today, mankind has space probes and telescopes capturing every little inch of our galaxy. We even have our own space station, the ISS as a second home away from home. But few people give credit to the men ( countries ) backstage, the pillars of support for mankind’s space ventures and developments; the United States among others. If it wasn’t for America, we would know far less about our universe than we do today. The amount of cash NASA spent on space exploration, amounting several billion, possibly even several trillion dollars all came from the average American taxpayers’ pockets. While many others such as the former USSR, Japan and the European Union helped expand our knowledge of the universe in the past, America is still by far the largest contributor and the biggest player when it come to this genre.



This is just one example of America’s contribution to our modern civilization. There are so many, many other examples. Everything from automotive transport to health and medicine, America has done ’em all. Of course, I am not trying to say that other countries have not done anything for mankind’s development as well. The United Kingdom and France helped bring change to much of our civilization through colonization and China helps make everything from our cars to toilet paper. I’m sure most countries in the world have done their part to advance our human civilization. However, my point is, America is clearly one of the bigger contributors to our modern era of civilization. I did not mean to look biased.


America’s Social Influence

Oh yes, not to forget, America’s influence on our society is simply massive. Although other countries are extremely influential as well, America’s role in our society is undoubtedly unmatched and just incomprehensible. America’s influence was strongest during the 20th century. Famous names such as Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones and even John F. Kennedy are all iconic of the mid- 20th century. Not to forget Michael Jackson, who was something of a phenomenon during the 80s. Last but not least, Star Wars, one of history’s most successful franchises originated from the U.S.A as well.




Today, American media is still highly influential. America plays a large role in the music industry. Whether its Lady GaGa, Akon or Ke$ha, American media is massively popular on the international stage. The same applies for the box office and television industry. As a result, American culture has been able to propagate with ease for the past 2 centuries.



So what is American culture ? In terms of language; the words ” Yo ! ” , ” What’s up ? ” and ” OMG ” are distinctly American. Although the English language originated from England, it is the United States which helps spread the word. American culture is reflected in the way English is spoken in America. Americans often distinguish themselves from one another by variations in the slang or accent. For example, someone from California will speak English differently from his or her equivalent in New York. This culture is often spread via the mediums mentioned above ( television and music ). This explains why most of us are familiar with American English.



American culture, in terms of fashion; clothing such as the conventional jeans and T- shirt have their roots in America. Today, almost every teen owns a pair of jeans and a T- shirt. Many other trends and inventions also originated in America and progressed on to worldwide acceptance, such as the burger and the GPS among others.


America, The Land Of The Free

Ah, just another reason why I respect America. The U.S truly lives up to this statement. If you seek freedom, America should be your destination of choice. Few countries manage to wriggle free of the corruption that plagues most of the world. Having said that, America is not the best of the best when it comes to total freedom. But really, once you take size and population into consideration, America is simply one major success story.



These comparisons give us a good idea at just where America stands on the international stage. Not surprisingly, America ends up in the green zone for all indexes. I believe these indexes are self- explanatory and I do not have to expand further.



Anyway, it’s not limited to just politics; America’s diverse demography is another testament. America is one of those few countries where you can find people of all backgrounds and colours. From Caucasians, to Africans and Asians, the American people are the human equivalent of rainbows; colourful. Most Americans have learned to accept one another regardless of skin colour and race. This ultimately shows when it comes to the President of the United States, Barack Obama; America’s first non- Caucasian president. Most people usually associate America with Caucasians, which is wrong because America is a multiracial country. America has proven to the world that skin colour or race is no longer a factor in a mature society. America has set a good example for others to follow.


This concludes the article. Thank you for reading a4rzero !


 – In God We Trust.

– Updated 7.2.2011

– Updated 8.12.2011


5 responses to “My Views On – The United States of America

  1. United States is a country I really admire the most. They have lots of part in research and I love many of their people who are dedicated scientists and animal biologists who are always finding ways to protect the endangered species. I still Malaysia somehow in a way or another, I hope the TV & media industry can bloom as comparable to how USA’s Hollywood is! I’m going to pursue a career in that industry somehow :]

    It’s a really an impeccable article Manoj, good job! Keep it up!

    • Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I agree that the U.S is among the most influential countries in the world. I too respect the U.S very much. Thanks for reading my article again.

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