Guess who’s back?

So.. I decided to start all over again.

If you did not already know, I used to blog before, about half a year ago. Then one day I erased an entire post by accident. Took me forever to edit that post and it all went down the drain in a few seconds. After than incident, I was no longer motivated to blog anymore. I may have hurt some of my readers feelings, and I am sincerely sorry for doing so. Thats why I decided to gather up my wits and take a second swing at it… but this time, I chose WordPress. Previously, I was on Blogger, which in my opinion is pretty good, but after doing some research, I found out that WordPress is the best blogging platform.

I plan to blog about countries for now, just like before, but this time, I promise to get creative once in a while. : ]

Long story short, I’m proud to say that…


Oh, and here’s a hint for what’s to come… can you figured it out?


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